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Big ME-OS Update Coming This July!

Posted by octopus58 - June 4th, 2023

Hey all! Take a look at this quick sneak peek! (And more info down below if you want to find out more)


FIVE new levels are comming to the Keyccordion Dawn rhythm game!


At least THREE new characters coming to Jump Wars!


THREE new minigames coming to a flash like/flash parody collection called Zelomedia Splash


New File Surfer and Desktop fixes and additions, including fully customizable message boxes, alerts, and external file viewing/accessing!

This update has been in the works since February, but has been taking a while (oops!). Originally it was going to be a somewhat small update with the three minigames being added, and some Keyccordion levels. However plans changed and well, I wanted to make this update big and special. There have been a ton of fixes and improvements, as well as lots of optimization and backend work to make future additions easier. Now, I'll go a bit into more details for the four screenshots:

For Keyccordion Dawn, the screenshot is of a new coming level. The song is a keygen style remix of Lascia Ch'io Pianga, a classical song by Handel (that's why there are a bunch of weird visuals). I was playing around with glitch effects and other cool visuals, so this single image unfortunately doesn't represent the level good enough! There's also going to be a guest composer who is well known here on Newgrounds, and they let me use three existing songs as well as one completely original song coming soon! I am so excited about this part but I gotta keep my mouth shut to keep the surprise...

As for Jump Wars, the screenshot shows three new characters that are already fully finished and ready to release. No guest this time (at least at the moment, fourth character might still happen in time for the update) but they are all so fun to play! All three have both a ranged attack and a melee/short range attack this time too, so they're fairly easy to pick up and play. This update will also feature the first character made by @spicycoffee , as she will now also be helping make characters for Jump Wars too.

The minigame collection is a feature I'm also really looking forward to showing off. You might recognize one of the minigames already, as I uploaded it in full to Newgrounds:

So there's two more on the way. They are all made with love referencing or parodying existing flash fads at the time, or just general game styles. The game shown in the screenshot spoofs a game engine that a very few flash games used back then, but I can't find any info on it for some reason. But yeah you'll just have to wait and see!

The last screenshot may look very simple, but for me the change is huge... @spicycoffee was (heavily) encouraging me to add a way to view external files (not ME-OS files but actual files on your computer) through the File Surfer (file explorer) and I was really hesitant because it would require a big redo of how the program already works. But she's right, it would be super cool... so I did it! Before you could load files from your computer into ME-OS sure.. but now it's so much more accessible, easier, and with more supported file types that will open natively in the OS! So that's why you see the new "Drives" section in the File Surfer; it's actually listing the drives located on my computer so I can access them. Another feature in that screenshot is the message boxes, which is a very important step. There's a lot of things the user should be notified while using the OS (an error on their part, or on the OS's part, a warning, information messages, etc.) but before that used to all be shown in the terminal. It is still viewable there, but now important enough messages will appear with variable messages, options, and more! I don't want to get too bored explaining, but trust me... this is a reeeeeeally cool feature.

So yeah, there is the explanation for the four screenshots! There's so much more, but you'll just have to wait till the next ME-OS Live. If you missed the previous one, check it out here:

Otherwise, thank you so much for reading, and I can't wait to show this all! And if you're by any chance going to be heading to the Toronto meetup this July, feel free to say hi :)




pee-os :)

i hate you

ME-OS is extremely impressive!

Wow! Absolutely awesome. You are super skilled.

I love your video you have a really pleasant voice.

Thanks a bunch! So many nice words :)

This looks sick, can't wait to try it out! :D

Thank you so much! I can't wait to show it :D

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