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Some cool new screenshots of my game + changelog!

Posted by octopus58 - January 21st, 2022

Hey everyone! Before I write some update notes, here are some screenshots I took recently showcasing only some of what came in the new update to ME-OS!






The screenshots are mostly from Gon Ball Rally, the marble racing game, and Keyccordion Dawn, the ten button rhythm game (although what you're seeing are some of the hardest levels on hardest difficulty)! For those who don't know about ME-OS, it's an OS simulator with many preloaded games and programs, all linked together in terms of unlocks and progression! It's currently in beta (if you want to join please check out our Discord) so any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Make sure to check out the website too if you're interested!

Anyways, here's the changelog:

Build 0.0.49 is live!
Wow, it sure has been a long time since we made an update for you all! So much has changed in this time, and yet again, this update is probably yet another "biggest" update we have made yet. We're hoping this doesn't catch on as a trend, but we'll see. We also have an official website now at https://www.meosgame.com!
Please check out the short note at the bottom of this changelog, as we are nearing an important point in development.

- Bugfixes for random cross game things
- Discord integration improved and added to new apps

Gon Ball Rally:
- Level 9 and 10 are finished, along with levels A and B (secret levels).
- Replays are here! If you get an awesome new high score, a replay will be saved. You can share it with your friends!
- The amount of playable balls has more than doubled since last update!
- Pee Dog balls have been added (he makes funny videos and let us use his characters as balls in the game) 
- Severely improved online performance
- Added several things that should optimize the game even more, although I'm not sure if it lagged much for anyone in the first place. If it does, let me know!
- Added more options for controller to make the experience feel better

Hungry Hungry Solies:
This is a small new joke game with three levels and a ton of stupidity. You can find the exe under E/Misc/Felix/

Jump Wars:
This is the first new game we want to introduce in this update! It is a small platform fighter featuring characters and stages from ME-OS, plus a bit more. Each character has two moves, plus you can hurt other players by jumping on their head. 
- Added two stages, Endless Forest and Shikabok Frostlands
- Added three characters, Kvarol (king square), Ballsy and Sonsh. Pink stickman counts as well if you consider test characters

Keyccordion Dawn:
- Two new songs were added! DEAF (5/5 difficulty) and a remix of Mathew Valente's Synthetic Nightmare (4/5 difficulty)
- Severe graphical improvements! Everything just looks so much better now, and we still have a bit more to come hopefully.

Mimi Player:
- UI improvements on the big app
- Finally you can control the volume of the music using a slider! (about time, right?)
- Tons of songs were added since last update

- Tons of new background packs added including Artificial Pack 1, Mont Tremblant Pack, Netherlands+ pack, Painting Pack 1, and more!
- New cosmetic items introduced for Gon Ball Rally

- More modellnig progress, one fully furnished starting room
- Gavzer will now shoot you if you are near him

The next new game in this update is a text adventure game engine! It comes with one preloaded story (The Hills), but you can even write your own write now and share with others! The format you have to follow is fairly simple.

- Massive UI update! Watching videos just got prettier
- Added more test videos to play with




this reminds me of matthew favson from kewtia crystallite hunt from the mattyverse made by felixblobdev from blob games