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Update, shitty vacation story and whats been going on

2017-07-11 23:32:27 by octopus58

I kept on wanting to post something here for a while now, and its already mid July... I guess its time to write some stuff!


So, shortly after I wrote my previous post, I went to a vacation to Cuba. Sounds exciting right? Trust me, it would have been completely awesome if it weren't for the fact that I almost died twice ^^;


Besides going swimming with dolphins, looking at corals and sea urchins/star fish, being on a big beautiful clean beach, seeing wild flamingoes, and just enjoying the awesome hot weather, i got sick with two different things. One was because of my stupidity, after i decided to sleep in the sun for around 3 hours, and not drinking water before or after. My skin was burning to any kind of touch, but that wasn't the problem, i kept keeping up my bad habit of staying in the sun with no shade and not drinking water for another day until the evening of the third day.  Around then I had complete heat stroke, and the toilet was my base for a few hours. However, I wasn't only puking because of heat stroke, I also got a very bad bacteria from food poisoning. The cafeterias/restaurants in cuban resorts are known to not be too sanitary, and also have a lot of health risks with food poisoning, and I ended up getting a really bad case of it. At one point I had an insane fever, and was vomitting every 10 minutes after i got out of bed completely nauseated and dizzy. Every time i'd throw up a lot of water, i'd try to drink back what I have lost bit by bit but even more ended up coming out and I just kept getting more and more dehydrated.

So at this rate you could already guess I had to go to the hospital. I had a fever of 40 C, which is almost deadly, and they had to stick a uv in my arm. That thing took around 3 tries to get in, and I hate needles so bad, but I had to deal with it because I just felt like crap and I would rather take a needle then go on for any longer with such a shitty feeling in my head. I thought that was it, but oh no was I wrong... besides taking a sample of my blood with another needle, they also stuck one in my bum, which is pretty primitive for modern medicinal pracitces. But there it's kind of outdated so... it hurt really bad. It did decrease my temperature though, which is what it was meant to do. I slept for a few hours before going back to the resort and I thought it was all good. But of course it wasnt :)

In almost 24 hours, i was already feeling better and just watching tv in bed when all of the sudden the same crap happened except i didnt start vomitting immediately, instead my temperature skyrocketted to 41 C, which usually means you have 4 hours to live unless you do something (for those of you who know biology and shit, its when your proteins start to denature and lose their function, which is really bad). The hotel service was so shit they couldn't bring a small kart to carry me to the taxi, even though they go around almost all day long. I had to walk there slouching over because I was just extremely cold and dizzy from all the crap thats been happening. At the hospital they quickly plugged me back in, and of course they gave me another butt shot, but in the other cheek just to make both hurt to the point where I could barely sit :D

Scarily enough though, even that shot wasnt working, and my temperature was at 41.8 C (at 42 you die apparently lol). While the doctors were thinking what to do, I was starting to worry that my life might actually come to an end, as I was on a time limit before the temperature I had would kill me. Funniest thing was, while I was thinking about all the things I'd lose and never be able to accomplish, I remembered that I might never finish my game if I went there and then. But anyways it ended with them putting me under freezing water with the UV still in my arm, and that reduced the temperature back to normal and nothing bad happened from there. The doctors and nurses were really nice and they generally kept the hospital clean, I liked it there for a bit.


As for everything else, I finished high school, which is great; the highschool I went to was smaller and I became friends with everyone there, I still am too. I started working a lot more on my music, but my game development is put to the side a bit, because I don't want to work on it until I'm motivated again. I'm the type of person who swings from one thing to another, until I have the motivation to work on it again. That way it stays fun and heart filled!

I also found a girl who I really love and she really loves me back, so thats something awesome too

I'm planning to make a patreon soon where I can send out different rewards for different tiers, including physical album releases sent by mail! So keep an eye out for that ;)


If you guys want to see anything more specific from me, please let me know! Sorry if the update was too long I just wanted to share that dumb story ^^;


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