Becoming a supporter + Other stuff

2017-05-12 22:33:25 by octopus58

Finally, after a long time of wanting to buy a membership, I did it!

Sorry for anyone who follows me on this site and noticed I have been inactive. School, and other personal issues have gotten in the way to the point where I can't maintain fresh content every once in a bit. Senior year gets pretty tough when you're aiming high!

Despite not being super active here, and not making too much posts, tracks, and other things, I still wanted to show my love and support for this site. I've known this place since I was just 5 years old, and now 12 years later, I still use it and love every last bit of it. This was the place that made me laugh everytime I came here, and later on found very interesting and talented people who make amazing content. This site has been the spawn for so many great things, so many great people, and I have witnessed a lot of these things happen. I hope Newgrounds keeps being the amazing place it is now for many more years to come!

Thank you a lot Newgrounds community for existing, and major thanks to Tom for making this site in the first place :)

- Octopus58


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